10 Corgi Duos You Should Follow On Instagram

I might be a little biased, but I believe corgis should only come in pairs.

Long before Moose and Koda were born, I knew that I would eventually own two corgis. The saying goes, “They are like potato chips, you can never have just one!”

I decided to sit down and compile a list of my favorite corgi duos that will light up your day when you are scrolling through Instagram.

Navy + Duke

Navy’s mom is a good friend of ours and I was absolutely giddy when they decided to add Duke to their family. How cute are these two?

Drewbert + Mona

These two are hands-down the cutest corgis I have ever seen, with personalities to match.

Ghost + Laser

Ghost is a rare “white corgi” and she is well contrasted by her tri-colored sister, Laser. I love following these two.

Harold + Harley

We met Harold and Harley’s parents when we lived in Riverside, CA. Although we have moved away from each other, I still love following their adventures..

Moose + Koda

Of course I had to throw my two wild ones into this mix!

Leonardo + Annebelle

These two Denver based corgis are always going on fun and exciting adventures together. They always inspire me to get out and about with my dogs.

Luna + Ginny

I have been obsessed with this account ever since I found it a few weeks ago. Beautiful photos of equally as beautiful of dogs.

Lychee + Mochee

These two always know how to make me laugh!

Ralph + George

The OG of corgi duos. If we are talking about corgi duos to follow, Ralph and George are a MUST!

Mochi + Taro

Two adorable mismarked corgi brothers