What does a “Dog Influencer” do?


I was responding to messages on Instagram the other day, when one of them stopped me in my tracks:

“What exactly do you do as a Dog Influencer? How do you make money?”

That is a great question! What in the hell do I do for a living? I had to sit down and figure out how to word my answer so it encompassed all of the aspects of my “job.” I found myself hitting the character limit on Instagram a few too many times and it made me realize it was time for a blog post.

When I get asked this question in person and I don’t have the time to explain my job in detail, my short answer is usually along the lines of, “I am in Marketing.”

The full answer will require a little bit more effort on my end and a little bit more reading on yours but, I hope this blog post will pull back the curtain and explain to you what I do as an influencer and show you exactly how I make money.


Content Creation

First and foremost, I am a content creator. I create content (i.e blog posts, photos, etc.) for brands to use when they are marketing their products or services. Brands will often reach out to us when they want lifestyle shots of their products being used, a blog post talking about our testimonial with their product, or other marketing content.

As a content creator, my job is to produce content that seamlessly flows with our style, while still obtaining the desired results for the brand’s marketing vision.

Here is an example: In the two photos above, PetSafe was looking to promote their dog doors in a BBQ themed marketing campaign for the end of summer. They described what they wanted from us, and I used my “creativity” to create content that would work with their campaign.

I especially loved working on this collaboration because Lance and I have owned PetSafe dog doors since Moose and Koda were puppies. We didn’t have to adjust our house or lives to fit the content. It was as simple as point and shoot with products we already use on a daily basis.


Social Media Influencer

Second, I am a social media Influencer. That means that I have a sizable following in a niche, and I make money by working with brands on “sponsored” posts. Our specific niche, the niche my audience is interested in, is dog health, lifestyle, and travel. Any sponsored posts that we do will involve brands that consider themselves to be beneficial to my audience because their products fall within that niche.

I am very (VERY) picky about the brands that I work with, because I am equally as picky about the products that I give to my dogs. I only partner with brands that I love and products that I use on a daily basis.

When a brand reaches out to us about a sponsorship, the first question I ask myself is “Would I buy this product and use it everyday?” If my answer is “no”, then I won’t go through with the collaboration. It is not uncommon for me to turn down several collaborations before I find one that I think will benefit my audience the best.

This may surprise you, but a lot of the time, I am the one reaching out and securing these partnerships. Not the other way around. There are a lot of brands that I spend weeks and months developing relationships with. I do this so that I can continue doing this as my job — while still providing you with other content that I don’t get paid for in hopes of benefitting you and your dog.

Authenticity is Everything

As an influencer, my authenticity is everything. There is a certain level of implied trust that comes with being an influencer. You trust me to only recommend products that I love and not to recommend something because a brand paid me to. I hold your trust very sacred and I promise I will NEVER promote a product that I don’t love.

My goal as an influencer is to collaborate with brands like PetSafe — brands that we already love, and use their products that we already own, to create content that will hopefully encourage you to try their products.

So, If you see #ad or # sponsored on my posts, please don’t ever think I was bought out. Know that I sincerely love the product that I am posting about and instead, when you see #sponsored, or #ad on my posts, I hope you get excited for me. Know that the mortgage is paid, the lights are still on, and I am doing what I am passionate about: sharing my knowledge and love of my dogs with you!

I hope this blog post gave you a little bit of insight on how I do what I do. If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My inbox is always open. :)