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One of the most common questions asked by potential future corgis owners is, “Do Corgis shed a lot?”

pile of corgi fur shedding

Do All Corgis Shed? 

Yes, both Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis shed their hair year round. 

In fact, Corgis are typically categorized as heavy shedders and potential future corgi owners should take this into consideration when determining whether or not a corgi is a good fit for their household.  

Corgis shed a lot because they have a double coat– two layers of hair:

  • The top layer of hair consists of guard hairs that repel moisture and dirt.
  • The bottom layer of hair is a dense insulating undercoat that helps regulate body temperature, helping them stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter.

The two layers of hair work in tandem to protect corgis from the elements and extreme temperatures.

Most Corgis will lose small amounts of hair from both layers of their coat daily. 

In exchange for frequent shedding, Corgis do not require regular hair cuts or frequent trips to the groomer.

(But hey, vacuum cleaners are cheaper than your local groomer anyway)

Corgis do require regular brushing and the occasional bath to keep their coats clean and free of potential mats.

You should avoid shaving your corgi whenever possible

Is Corgi Shedding Seasonal

Along with daily shedding, Corgis also “blow their coat” twice a year, in spring and again in fall. 

Blowing Coat is a process where a double-coated dog’s undercoat (the insulating layer) cycles from its summer coat to its winter coat (or vice versa)

The heaviest shedding is normally done in the spring when Corgis are losing their thick winter coats to prepare for the heat of summer. 

When blowing coat, corgis will lose hair in large amounts, often in tufts, over a period of several weeks. 

Daily grooming, while your dog is rotating their undercoat, is necessary to prevent mats from forming, to collect loose hair from the coat, and to encourage new hair to grow.

pile of dog hair with shedding corgi

How to Properly Groom a Corgi & Reduce Corgi Shedding 

Grooming your dog weekly (or daily when they are blowing coat) will help.

It’s important that you use the right grooming tools when grooming your corgi.

Avoid using harsh or abrasive tools like furminators or undercoat rakes. These products can cut and damage the coat.

Instead, all you will need is a metal comb and/or pin brush. When your dog is blowing coat, it helps to also use a high-velocity dog dryer after bathing.

The Best Products For Controlling Dog Hair

Must-Have Corgi Grooming Tools

brushing out Corgi Shedding

Line Brushing A Corgi

Line brushing/Line combing is proven to be the most effective method for grooming loose hair out of a double coat. 

You’ll want to start at the bottom of the dog (closest to their feet) and work your way up. 

Life the hair up with you non-grooming hand and comb the hair in a downward motion — making a line with the hair. 

Your goal is to see a clearly defined line where the hair meets the skin.

It’s best to brush in sections no bigger than the size of your index finger (4”-5”)

Final Thoughts

Yes, Corgis do shed a lot.

However, with the right tools and techniques, proactive corgi owners can successfully manage their dog’s constant shedding.