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Can Dogs Have Tomatoes

There are many things dogs shouldn’t eat, and that can even be dangerous to dogs, but what about tomatoes?

Tomatoes are something most of us have in our homes, and some may even grow them in the yard!

This article explores whether tomatoes are okay for dogs to consume. Or if you should keep your furry friends away from them.

Can My Dog Have Tomatoes?

The tomato is often mentioned as something to be cautious with as a dog owner. But is it really dangerous for dogs?

The answer is no.

Ripe tomatoes are not considered bad for dogs and are not dangerous.

So, why the controversy when it comes to feeding tomatoes to dogs?

The easiest explanation is that while tomatoes are considered safe, they should be fed in moderation and only when ripe.

Be Aware of the Tomato Plant

Also, the plant tomatoes grow on is considered dangerous for dogs to eat.

The tomato plant belongs to what is known as the Nightshade family and contains a potentially harmful toxin that is bad for dogs.

The stem and leaves of the tomato plant should never be made available to your four-legged friends, as these contain a much higher concentration.

If your dog gets into the tomato plants and consumes a large amount, it could put it at risk of tomato-related intoxication (tomatine poisoning).

While tomatine poisoning is rare in dogs, it can happen, but most likely not due to eating ripe tomatoes.

This doesn’t mean you should start serving your dog whole tomatoes on a daily basis.

You also don’t have to worry if your pup snatches a piece that lands on the floor or if your child shares its tomatoes with the dog during dinner.

Avoid Unripe Tomatoes

Do not feed unripe and/or green tomatoes to your dog.

We stretch the fact that ripe tomatoes are okay for dogs to eat because unripe tomatoes are not.

When the tomato is green or not fully ripe, it contains higher concentrations of the toxin found in the stem and leaves of the plant.

Eating unripe tomatoes could get your dog sick, and if you grow your own tomatoes and tend to leave your dog unattended and within reach—consider setting up a fence.

What to Feed Instead

There are many fruits and vegetables you can feed instead of tomatoes, especially if you are worried about your dog liking tomatoes so much that he (or she) might decide to go after the tomato plants.

Here are a few alternatives to use as snacks and rewards:

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Bananas
  • Spinach
  • Watermelon

Just like with everything else, using in moderation is key.

If you choose fruit with seeds (such as apples and watermelon), make sure to always remove the seeds before feeding them to your dog.

Final Words

Giving your dog the occasional slice of tomatoes is generally considered safe, as long as you keep the stem and leaves away and feed only ripe tomatoes.

If you rather go with a different healthy snack, try some of the fruits and vegetables listed above and let us know which one your dog liked best!